For the past decade, one of the most heated topics in competitive gaming was the comparison between League of Legends and Dota 2. Both player bases used to throw dirt at each other while defending their favourite game.

One of the main arguments was that a good Dota 2 player wouldn't become good at League of Legends and vice versa. But this is simply not true, as usually, the people who are good at one video game are quite good at others.

Former League of Legends professional player Sneaky (yes, that is his photo as the main image) recently played Dota 2. And he achieved the Immortal rank - the highest possible in the Valve game. He managed to climb so high in only one month. (That doesn't mean he was unfamiliar with the game before).

Sneaky played 179 matches in the span of 30 days and won 101 of them (56.42% win rate). He mostly played Lifestealer, Drow Ranger and Phantom Assassin. Funnily, his promotion game was on Jakiro, a support hero. While it is good to have a primary role, don't turn away from other aspects and positions as it might help. Congratulations to Sneaky, "the man of MOBAs"!

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