League of Legends 2024 Spring Split is coming to its culmination in almost every region, and Chinese LPL is no exception. Teams from LPL are often considered favourites at international LAN events, so it is worth paying attention there.

However, the Chinese professional league is also known for its bizarre playoff format. The playoffs are divided into two stages. In stage one, teams that finished the group stage in 3-10th places are playing a gauntlet single-elimination stage. The higher you are in the group stage, the fewer matches you play. In the second stage, two winners of Stage 1, together with two leaders from the Group Stage, simply play the double-elimination bracket.

LPL Spring playoffs Stage 1 resultsImage: Liquipedia

Weibo Gaming almost pulled a miracle run from the first round, but they were stopped by JD Gaming, arguably the main boss of Stage 1. JD Gaming swept Weibo Gaming 3:0 and entered Stage 2. There, JDG is joined by Top Esports, Bilibili Gaming (#2 and #1 seeds, respectively) and Ninjas in Pyjamas, who had to win two matches in a row, and their final opponent was FunPlus Phoenix.

Stage 2 will be played during this and next weekend. The two best teams of the LPL Spring Split will go to the Mid-Season Invitational.

Main image: Alphacoders