The Chinese professional League of Legends competition finished last out of four major regions. We had a big intrigue as the two strongest teams during the group stage brought a full five-game set in the upper bracket final, and Top Esports had all the chances for a successful rematch against Bilibili Gaming.

However, this time, Bilibili Gaming made fewer mistakes and confidently won the series and the championship 3:1. The team will skip the play-in of the Mid-Season Invitational and start the tournament straight from the bracket stage. As for Top Esports, we will see it at MSI 2024 as well: in the first round of play-in, TES will face LOUD, the champion of the Brazilian CBLOL.

The play-in stage of MSI has been drawn, and the first-round matchups are as follows:

The first two pairs belong to Group A, while the second two are to Group B. The two best teams of each group will advance to the bracket stage. Mid-Season Invitational 2024 starts on May 1.

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