As the Mid-Season Invitational is closer and closer to us, more and more regional leagues crown their champions. Now we know the names of three more teams that will travel to Chengdu.

VCS had the most troubles throughout the season. During the Spring Split, more than thirty people were suspended due to concerns about a breach of competitive integrity. All eight teams were affected and were allowed to field in the substitutions. At the same time, the final decision is yet to be made. GAM Esports had to climb all the way through the lower bracket after the loss to Vikings Esports, and in the end, they got their revenge by winning the grand final 3:1.

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In the PCS, there is one team that heads above the rest. PSG Talon comfortably won the upper bracket, and in the grand final, the team swept Fukuoka SoftBank HAWKS to earn the spot in the Mid-Season Invitational.

The same situation can be described when talking about LLA Opening 2024. Estral Esports dominated throughout the group stage and didn't put the foot of the gas in the playoffs. Great result for the Mexican club!

The Mid-Season invitational will take place in Chengdu this May. 

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