The first Spring Split in the major League of Legends region has come to an end, and now we know the names of two more teams who are invited to the Mid-Season Invitational.

Team Liquid entered the playoffs only as a fourth-seeded team with a 7-7 stats in the group stage. However, the team stepped up when it mattered the most. After a close first-round match, when Team Liquid lost to FlyQuest 2:3, something changed, and Team Liquid started to gain momentum. 3:0 against Dignitas, 3:1 against 100 Thieves, 3:0 against Cloud9 - it was an impressive lower-bracket run.

However, the lower-bracket records mean nothing if you can't successfully rematch in the grand finals. Team Liquid got its revenge by winning 3:1 and claiming the title of the NA LCS Spring Split 2024 Champions.

Both finalists will take part in the Mid-Season Invitational 2024, which is scheduled for the beginning of May. FlyQuest will start its path from the play-in stage, while Team Liquid will go straight to the double-elimination bracket. The winner of the MSI 2024 will earn the right to play in the 2024 Worlds.

Main image: NA LCS