League of Legends have been a frontrunner in esports for quite a long time. Unfortunately, the esports winter shows no mercy to anyone, and even the League of Legends competitive ecosystem is not immune to the withdrawal of big and well-known teams.

Schalke 04 decided to close its LoL division and focus on the EA SPORTS FC 2024 scene. While this decision is connected with the changes in the business strategy of the club (it will focus primarily on football and everything around it), it is still sad for many League of Legends fans to see this organization go.

The first appearance of Schalke 04 in League of Legends dates back to May 2016. In its first split, the club was relegated but managed to come back a year later. Since then, Schalke 04 has been a stable participant in the main European LoL league until 2021, when it sold its LEC slot to Team BDS. However, even after that, Schalke 04 still participated in the Prime League for two whole years.

Now, the time has come to say goodbye. Thank you, and good luck! 

Main image: Schalke 04