League of Legends has many iconic champions, and one such character will get an update pretty soon. In a video from a "Dev Update" series, Riot Games confirmed that the upgraded Lee Sin will arrive in the game on May 1 with the 14.9 update.

Interestingly, the skills of Blind Monk will not be reworked, so fans who love playing Lee Sin due to its enormously high skill ceiling will not be disappointed. In that sense, Riot Games does not fix the things that are not broken. Considering the recent flop on Skarner's win rate, the decision to only upgrade Lee Sin's visuals seems to be both safe and correct.

Riot Games also talked a little bit about the new PvE mode. However, despite spending a whole minute, this part of Dev Update feels like a good old nothing burger: they only confirmed that the new mode would arrive later this year, but no specific details about both the release date and gameplay features.

Finally, as the ranked season goes on, we now know the champions who will get Victorious skins: Kog'Maw is on the list for the Split 1, and Sona is scheduled for the Split 2. They are a decent choice of popular champions.

Main image: youtube.com