The Rainbow Six Siege Major tournament in Manchester is one of the two big tournaments where you can earn enough valuable circuit points to qualify for the Six Invitational, the world championship.

Last week, we learned the names of nineteen participants of the R6 Manchester Major. However, the fate of the final slot was still on the line as European teams were yet to play the Last Chance Qualifier. Now, it is over, and we can say that G2 Esports won that competition and will go to the city known for its football clubs and rock band Oasis.

G2 Esports finished the Europe League in fifth place and had quite a high seeding. In a single elimination bracket, that can be crucial. G2 gained enough momentum to dominate the LCQ, as the team has not lost a single map. 

G2 Esports will join nineteen other teams in Manchester, where the Major will take place on May 16 - 26. The tournament will have three phases with the highest seeded teams skipping the first double-elimination bracket.

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