Rainbow Six Siege is in its ninth year, but the game is far from decline. According to Steam Charts, the platform tracking the concurrent players stats, the first-person shooter from Ubisoft broke its all-time record recently. For the first time in its history, Rainbow Six Siege's peak of concurrent players surpassed 200,000!

New peak of R6 SiegeSource: Steam Charts

Why did it happen? There are several reasons. First of all, many eyeballs turned towards the game after Year 9 announcements at Six Invitational, the main esports event in the Rainbow Six Siege esports ecosystem. This news, together with the release of the Operation Deadly Omen and the Anti-Cheat update, brought many former players back to the game. 

The second reason is the recent Steam Sale. You can buy Rainbow Six Siege with a discount of up to -80%. That also brings a fresh stream of new players into the game. Previously, the record for most concurrent players was dated back to March 2020. Back then, Rainbow Six Siege had 198,557 concurrent players. Now, the game might be in its best condition.

Main image: Alphacoders