Since Bobby Kotick departed from Activision Blizzard, there have been big talks about the fate of his two biggest esports projects, Overwatch League and Call of Duty League. Many experts considered the former dead long before teams voted for its closure. However, this was different with the latter.

Call of Duty is much more popular in North America than Overwatch. It plays a big part in creating the gaming culture and popularising console gaming. Moreover, the expenses that teams were making were smaller, compared to the Overwatch League, as you have to field fewer players, and thus, you may hire less staff.

Because of these factors, it was really interesting to look into the possible routes for Call of Duty League. Now, the league has announced big changes that will help it become more sustainable.

The most important thing is that the league will return all the initial payments to the teams. Team owners reportedly paid eight-figure sums to participate in the Call of Duty League. Not all of this money was collected, and now everything that was paid will be back, and teams will have more money for operational expenses.

Another great thing is that the league sets a guaranteed minimal amount of revenue and pays more money for hosting the events and in-game item sales. This would greatly help teams to normalize their economy.

Call of Duty League is a much more organic esports product, and it would be really interesting to see its future.

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