Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 3 and Warzone have received a new update for Season 3, which includes a unique cosmetic bundle called the "Stoney Sloth Tracer Pack". The bundle has garnered attention from the gaming community for its unusual theme.

The centerpiece of the "Stoney Sloth Tracer Pack" is the "Feelin' Slothy" operator skin for Price. This anthropomorphic sloth appears relaxed and mellow, providing a stark contrast to the intense gameplay of Call of Duty. In addition to its unique appearance, the bundle also includes several other cosmetic items. Players can get the "High Hitter" weapon blueprint for the WSP Swarm and the "Toke N' Smoke" blueprint for the XRK Stalker, which complement the stoner sloth theme.

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The bundle also includes a "Leafy Greens" decal, a "Slow Rollin" sticker, a "Let 'Er' Rip" weapon charm and a "Slow and Unsteady" emblem. These items all share a common theme of relaxation and cannabis use.

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In addition to the cosmetic items, players will also receive a one-hour double XP token for the Battle Pass. This is a nice bonus that can help players level up and earn rewards faster.

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Like other bundles in Call of Duty, the "Stoney Sloth Tracer Pack" can be purchased using COD Points, the in-game currency. The price of the bundle has not yet been announced, but similar bundles typically range from 1000 to 2400 COD Points. For reference, 1000 COD Points cost $9.99.

The "Stoney Sloth Tracer Pack" has received a mixed reaction from the gaming community. Some players find the bundle to be humorous and fun, while others have criticized the developers for promoting drug use and vulgarity. Despite the controversy, there's no denying that the "Stoney Sloth Tracer Pack" has captured attention.

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