In recent years, the word "cheat" has become synonymous with the Call of Duty franchise. The problem with cheaters in Warzone and the Modern Warfare series became so significant that thousands of players left the projects. Cheaters simply did not let people play, and the developers could do nothing about it.

Hope appeared with the introduction of the more active RICOCHET anti-cheat system. Cheaters began to be blocked en masse, and this brought some players back to CoD, but the happiness was short-lived. Cheaters returned to the franchise with new "weapons" against which there is currently no defense.

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The new cheats are so sophisticated that they easily bypass RICOCHET. The cheating software remains undetected, and if RICOCHET starts scanning for it, it automatically turns off and disappears from view. As soon as the scanning ends, the cheat automatically turns back on. The cheat also turns off when a player takes a screenshot of the game.

The CoD community was shocked by such an attack from cheaters. The YouTube channel "NukeJesus" showed how the cheaters have evolved (starting at 6:25).

Activision has yet to respond to the incident, which is further alarming the community. The situation with cheaters in CoD has become the worst it has ever been and is becoming critical.

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