Activision is putting a lot of resources into promoting Call of Duty Season 3. Not only does it have a huge changelog with many new activities and content, but the publisher also invites people to try them for free.

On April 3, the new season of Call of Duty begins. On April 4-8, almost immediately after this release, the free trial of multiplayer and zombie modes in Call of Duty: Modern Warfare III will occur. Players from all platforms are invited since there will not be anyone left out, whether it is PC, Xbox or PlayStation.

There will be six multiplayer maps available during the free trial. The list includes Emergency, the brand new map, as well as some classics like Rust or Das Haus.

Among other additions coming with Season 3 are Snoop Dogg operator skin (included in the Battle Pass), four new weapons, new mods and lots of different activities.

The whole blog post from game developers is massive, so we recommend you check it out if you’re an active Call of Duty fan.

Main image: alphacoders