Japan is well-known for its fighting game communities. A country famous for its game developers, arcade rooms, and innovations in the fighting game genre, it has retained its passion throughout this time.

Moreover, EVO Japan is gaining more and more value in the global scheme of things. In the Tekken World Tour, EVO Japan was promoted to the second Master+ Tier event, but it is far from being the only game present there.

With around ten days before the start of the event, EVO Japan organizers declared that it was officially sold out! Almost 9000 people have registered for this three-day event! 

It is an excellent sign for the fighting games community, as such popularity may lead to future growth. Meanwhile, EVO Japan will host seven tournaments, most notably Tekken 8, Street Fighter 6, Guilty Gear -Strive-, and the King of Fighters XV brackets. Some of them will also be a qualifier for the respective world championship tournaments. So, all eyes of the FGC will be turned to Japan on April 27-29.

Main image: youtube.com