Fans eagerly awaited the trailer for Elden Ring: Shadow of the Erdtree (you can read more about it and watch it here). It turns out, the DLC will bring many unexpected surprises for all lovers of the Soulsborne series. However, for more casual players, this may seem like alarming news, as the game draws nearer to the hardcore legacy of Dark Souls 2

In the trailer, fans found numerous fascinating details. Some new bosses have become truly challenging, as confirmed by the developers. But that's not all. An interesting moment was also spotted, which can be seen in this screenshot.

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So, what is it? Oh yes, fans already understood what awaits them. It's the poison swamp — a favorite weakness of Hidetaka Miyazaki. The creator's love for swamps has spawned many jokes; however, in Elden Ring, he refrained from adding such locations. In the DLC, the poison swamp will return, and this references the challenges of Dark Souls 2. It's clear from the video that new debuffs, which appeared in previous games in the series, will be added to the game.

Besides, other intriguing details were noticed. Character development will change slightly, and several negative effects will be added to complicate the life of the character or even kill instantly. There's no doubt — Elden Ring is returning to the roots of the series, and this is a good sign for those who found the game too easy.

Main image by ensiplay