Riot Games is slowly but surely moving towards the 2XKO release. While the fighting game is not even remotely close to being ready, the visitors of EVO Japan will have the opportunity to test the 2XKO demo version. One of the latest character roster additions is Illaoi, and developers released a big six-minute gameplay trailer.

What can we learn from it? First of all, Illaoi in 2XKO stays true to her League of Legends archetype. It is a massive damage-dealing machine with heavy attacks but a lack of mobility as a downside. She is a fighter who prefers close combats, and her signature weapon is her tentacles which can be used to deal additional damage and prolong combos.

It is also worth noting that in this gameplay trailer, we've seen a new stage which seems to be a tavern with pirates. It perfectly suits the lore of Illaoi and brings more atmosphere to the game. Illaoi is the fifth champion in the demo version. It is still unclear when the game will be released, but we shouldn't expect any exact dates in the upcoming months.

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