Blizzard recently launched their battle royale mode for World of Warcraft, and now they announced Plunderstorm Creator Royale — a tournament where 60 creators will be split into pairs and fight against each other.

This tournament will feature many big names, such as Asmongold, Disguised Toast, Shiphtur, Flop and many others. They will play on March 30 for the prize pool of $50,000. 

The format of the event might resemble the one in the ALGS: you become the champion only after you win the match while being “Match point eligible.” For the first five matches, pairs will earn valuable points depending on their placement and number of eliminations. After that, the best one will be “match point eligible”. However, if no champion is crowned after eight matches, the final free-for-all match will be played, and its winner will take the first place of the whole event. 

All participants will play and stream from the Blizzard HQ, so there will be lots of great content during the event.

Main image: Blizzard