Warcraft franchise general manager John Hight, in a recent interview, stated that Blizzard does not use generative AI in the development of World of Warcraft, as they prioritize the creative process. However, Hight noted that such technologies can simplify certain complex tasks. For example, a neural network can help artists speed up the process of fitting armor on characters. This approach allows for the creation of more diverse equipment for players.

World of Warcraft AIImage: EnsiplayAdditionally, another beneficial use of AI is the improvement of NPC behavior in World of Warcraft. This technology is currently being used in the Exileʼs Reach zone, where new players learn the specifics of dungeons. In the future, this development is planned to be applied to the Delves tutorial task for the The War Within expansion, which was announced in November 2023. The expansion is currently in alpha testing and is expected to be released in late summer or early fall of 2024.

At the end of March, Blizzard Entertainment presented a graph of World of Warcraft subscriber count changes during the GDC 2024 conference. According to the graph, the most prolonged decline in the WoW audience occurred after the release of the Shadowlands expansion.

Main image: Ensiplay