The developers of World of Warcraft have announced update 10.2.7 for the Dragonflight expansion. One of the key changes will be an increase in the number of character slots from 60 to 65, giving players the opportunity to create even more alternative heroes. This decision was made in response to numerous requests from the community. According to statistics, more than half of World of Warcraft players actively play 2-3 heroes, and many fans have already reached the existing limit of 60 slots.

world of warcraft charactersImage: EnsiplayThe increase in the number of creatable characters is especially relevant ahead of the WoW Remix: Mists of Pandaria event, which starts on May 16. For many fans who have already created the maximum number of characters, the additional slots will provide an opportunity to participate in the event without sacrificing their existing saves.

However, the increase in the number of characters also raises the question of balancing time and resources needed for their development. Maintaining a large number of alternative heroes at a high level may require significant time investments and efforts. Some players may face a dilemma of choosing between quality and quantity, deciding whether to focus on developing a few main characters or distribute their attention among multiple alternatives.

 Main image: Ensiplay