From March 11th to 18th, 2024, Blizzard is commemorating the 10th anniversary of Hearthstone. To celebrate, developers have organized a week of events across their major games. On social media, a company SMM recorded a video with a festive cake. A staff member lights it, melting the top layer to reveal the message "Happy 10 Years of Hearthstone!". 

Events are taking place in the games. World of Warcraft players can get a free limited-edition mount — the Fiery Hearthsteed — either by completing a tutorial in the card game or logging into the game if they play both titles.

World of Warcraft Fiery HearthsteedImage: blizzard.comWorld of Warcraft players can play Hearthstone directly in the capitals: Stormwind, Durotar, and Valdrakken. Tournaments are held there periodically, including those featuring Cho'gall and legendary minions. Winners can receive a flying disc, pet, toys, decorative items, a 36-slot collector's bag, and a special tabard. The WoW celebration is grand!

In Hearthstone, they're giving away a "10 Years in the Tavern" card back. To get it, you need to play 10 matches in any of the main modes. You'll receive a card featuring our beloved tavern keeper, Harth Stonebrew. During 7 days, you can participate in a festive event, earn temporary currency, and exchange it for cards.

Hearthstone turns 10 heres how the company celebratesImage: EnsiplayPeter McConnell has recorded music for Hearthstone in honor of the anniversary. Blizzard released the first album with the original game soundtrack on all streaming services — "Hearthstone: Music from the Tavern — Anniversary Picks".

Released in 2014, Hearthstone has attracted millions of players worldwide over the years. The game is known for its strategic battles and a variety of cards, as well as its narrative and lore connection to World of Warcraft.

Main image: Ensiplay