Enthusiasts Streetrat and Marulu released a large modification for World of Warcraft, which adds a VR mode to the game for version 3.3.5a. According to the developers, the development of the expansion took about ten years.

The authors of the mod noted that in VR mode you can play both from the first person and from the third person. So far, the creators of the expansion have no plans for further development, but if the community is interested, they are ready to continue supporting the mod. You can download it on GitHub. If you have epilepsy or a weak vestibular apparatus, then you need to be careful, because the loading screens and opening scenes can flicker.

In April 2024, Blizzard announced the release date of the Cataclysm expansion for the classic World of Warcraft servers. The launch is scheduled for May 21. With the addition, the maximum level will become 85, 7 new zones, 9 group and raid dungeons will appear. New PvP and much more. On April 10, Blizzard announced in a press release its return to the Chinese market, so the new update may already be available in the country.

Main image: Ensiplay, Dall-E 3