World of Warcraft players have discovered a vulnerability in the Plunderstorm mode after a recent update. A team of two players can infinitely revive each other during the Storm, which is supposed to be a deadly obstacle. This became possible due to the reduction of ally resurrection time from 15 to 10 seconds, allowing players to survive by alternating deaths and resurrections, despite the Storm's damage equal to 12% of the character's maximum health every 3 seconds.

World of Warcraft PlunderstormImage: worldofwarcraft.blizzard.comPlunderstorm is a new temporary mode where 60 players fight solo or in teams of two to collect loot and be the last ones standing. The Storm zone shrinks, killing characters who linger in it, forcing players to move towards the center of the map.

This vulnerability is an unforeseen result of the latest update, which will most likely be fixed by the developers by increasing the damage from the Storm or making other changes. Despite the mixed reception of the new mode, some players consider it the most interesting addition to WoW in recent times. The developers have also announced new PvE content for future updates.

Main image: Ensiplay