Blizzard continues to combat bots in Hearthstone. The developers of the collectible card game have reported that they have blocked an additional 585,000 accounts in the last three weeks. According to the developers, this wave of bans has become one of the largest in the history of Hearthstone. Blizzard stated that they are unhappy with cheaters in their tavern. 

With this active fight, the developers are trying to demonstrate the seriousness of the situation and express the hope that dishonest players will be frightened and stop doing this.

bots in HearthstoneImage: EnsiplayIn the comments to the post about the bans, a user who introduced himself as a 50-year-old person not very versed in comments, said that he was accidentally banned and asked to reconsider the sanctions against his account.

The CCG was released in March 2014, and for all 10 years, players have constantly faced bots in matches. Blizzard employees regularly block the accounts of dishonest gamers. Previously, the developers presented a Sylvanas Windrunner statuette, which the Hex Collectibles studio prepared in honor of the game's 10th anniversary. Also, the 121st ranked season has begun in Hearthstone. Participation awards a new card back.

Main image: Ensiplay