Newly discovered notes within Baldur's Gate 3 shed light on the potential fate of companion Karlach should she embrace her transformation into a Mindflayer. Internal monologues, revealed in a recent post, showcase the radical shift in her perception of reality following the change.

Karlach contemplates experiencing things she never knew existed and feels a boundless potential to create and act. Despite these profound changes, she retains her core personality and values: "I've never felt better. Like I'm finally whole."

However, this enlightenment comes at a price — she is a Mindflayer: "No more pain. No engine. Just a peace I haven't known in decades — maybe ever."

Larian veteran Adam Smith commented on this scene in an IGN interview: 

 If you let Karlach become a Mindflayer, she has a very different reaction to it than anyone else. She retains part of herself, and for her, it's a miracle.

These revelations offer players a rare glimpse into the mind of a Mindflayer, typically portrayed as alien and hostile. What lies ahead for Karlach, and whether she can maintain her sense of self, remains to be seen.

Main image: Ensiplay