Eddy Gordo has arrived in Tekken 8! Bandai Namco released patch 1.03.01 where the first DLC character is obviously the main feature, but it is not the only one.

Tekken 8 team prepared a big list of changes, including some balance tweaks. However, they are not drastic, as more changes await us after EVO Japan which will happen on April 27–29. 

Image: EVOImage: EVO

Also, Tekken 8 introduced its first Fighting Pass. It is the analogue of the battle pass concept, which was popularized by such games as Fortnite and Call of Duty.

Finally, the multiplayer matches can now be canceled if one of the players' internet does not pass the connection check. These matches will not have any statistical consequences like rating change.

Patch 1.03.01 contents, highlighted by developers:

  • New feature Tekken Fight Pass added to the Tekken Shop;
  • New costume sets "Cyber Pack 01" and "Cyber Pack 02" available for all playable characters;
  • A legacy costume for Yoshimitsu;
  • Eddy Gordo Avatar Skin;
  • A feature has been added to Ranked, Quick and Group match modes to allow for the termination and invalidation of matches if the network connection quality falls below certain specified conditions.

Main image: alphacoders