Next week, all Tekken 8 players will be very busy. The new game update brings lots of different changes to balance, bug fixes, new features, but, most importantly, a new character.

The first DLC character of the game, Eddy Gordo, will arrive in Tekken 8 next week. Those players who hold Playable Characters Year 1 Pass will be able to play him starting April 1. For other players, Eddy arrives on April 4.

This trailer takes a deeper look at Eddy’s moves and his style. He will have a special intro scene when fighting against Nina Williams. His rage art is also worth your attention: sand figures playing musical instruments appear around Eddy while he beats out his opponent.

Eddy is a legendary character who first appeared in Tekken 3. Since then, the master of Capoeira has been a fan favourite, and now it is impossible to think about the Tekken game without the Brazilian.

With this update, Tekken also introduces Fighting Pass, which looks similar to all these battle passes in other competitive multiplayer games. This is a new thing to the Tekken franchise, so we will see how it works out.

Main image: Bandai Namco