The studio Yellow Brick Games, composed of ex-developers from Bioware and Ubisoft, has published the debut trailer for the action RPG Eternal Strands. Players will take on the role of a girl Brinne and explore a mysterious world filled with magical creatures, from fantastical beasts to titans.

The protagonist possesses various types of magic — fire, ice, and telekinesis. In battles with enemies, the heroine must skillfully combine her powers. According to the developers, the game is based on an innovative system of physical interactions — spreading heat and cold, and real-time destruction create an unprecedented intensity of combat.

Eternal StrandsImage: youtube.comBrinne's magical abilities allow her to climb onto enormous creatures. She can freeze the legs of a giant, burn its fur with fire, throw enemy projectiles back at the opponent, and so on. Magic can also be used to explore the world, opening new paths to unexplored places.

The developers themselves compare the game to Shadow of the Colossus, Monster Hunter and The Legend of Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom. The team has not yet announced a release date.

Main image: Ensiplay