Frostpunk 2 is the follow-up to the smash hit title about existence in a world plunged into an ice age will land on PC on 🔥 July 25. The game will be available on GamePass, as well as on Steam for $49.99. Console versions are still a mystery, but the developers promise they will arrive later. Frostpunk 2 continues the story of what happens three decades after the Storm the disaster that almost wiped out humanity.

You'll step into the shoes of the leader of the City — the last haven of humans on Earth. But this time, they will have to face not only the brutal nature, but also a new menace human nature itself. The game will add a Council building. There, along with NPCs, you'll make laws for a booming metropolis and make decisions that determine the fate of the entire community. 

Frostpunk 2Image: official trailer

Frostpunk 2 will improve and deepen the gameplay of the first installment in the series, adding new options and mechanics. 

Frostpunk 2Image: official trailer

Players will be able to create multiple cities, explore different technology branches, use oil as the main survival resource, as well as manage city districts and erect structures in them. Moreover, the game will support mods and a sandbox mode. 

Frostpunk 2Image: official trailer

Two versions of the game are up for grabs for pre-order: Standard and Deluxe. The Deluxe version includes beta access to the sandbox mode, three DLCs after release, access to the story mode 72 hours before release, an exclusive in-game item, a digital novella set in the universe, an art book, and the soundtrack. The Deluxe version will set you back $75.

Frostpunk 2Image: Steam Frostpunk 2

Main image from Frostpunk 2 official trailer