Bohemia Interactive showcased the upcoming Frostline expansion for the popular game DayZ. The glacier and winter-inspired DLC will have players exploring a snowy volcanic island. The paid expansion is expected for release by late 2024.

DayZ FrostlineImage: Bohemia Interactive, Steam A snowy 83 square kilometer map set in a Far Eastern archipelago will be added. Players can venture through frozen lakes, villages, military bases, and other locations. The harsh climate will make survival more challenging, requiring players to keep their characters warm and prevent frostbite.

New illnesses will be introduced, and hunting mechanics will change, with animals becoming smarter and more adapted. Gameplay balance will also be adjusted.

While waiting, players can try other survival games with similar themes. One notable example is The Long Dark by Hinterland Studio, where players find themselves in the unforgiving Canadian snowy wilderness after a mysterious geomagnetic disturbance. Survival is complicated by extreme temperatures and the need to maintain warmth while hunting wildlife and battling frostbite.

Another example is Frostpunk by 11 bit studios, a survival strategy set in a fictional post-apocalyptic world plunged into an eternal winter. Players must manage the last city of humanity, battling harsh frosts, resource scarcity, and ethical dilemmas. Its sequel is coming soon.

Main image: Bohemia Interactive, Steam