Hasbro is outlining plans for the future of the Baldur's Gate franchise. Representatives have confirmed that discussions with potential partners are underway, but they are not rushing the process. Executives understand the importance of finding the right studio and approach, similar to what was achieved with the third installment. Vice President Eugene Evans mentioned engaging with numerous companies, with studios expressing interest and viewing it as a challenge. 

They jokingly remarked on their desire to resolve this matter in less than 25 years, referencing the lengthy gap between Baldur's Gate 2 and 3.

Baldurs Gate 3Image: EnsiplayHasbro is taking a deliberate approach, aiming to select the best proposal to ensure a high-quality product. The characters from Baldur's Gate 3 have essentially become canon within the Dungeons & Dragons universe, so the company will handle them with care. The current objective is to meet and surpass the high bar for quality set by Larian Studios. Only then will familiar faces from Baldur's Gate 3 appear in future projects.

Larian Studios will not be developing the next Baldur's Gate installment, as confirmed by the studio head. Currently, they are still working on patches for the third game but plan to shift focus to a new project in the future. 

In April, Baldur's Gate 3 received several more awards, and we have tallied the total number of nominations and awards the game has accumulated to date.

Main image: Ensiplay