The CD Projekt leadership answered investor questions after publishing the 2023 financial report. Key takeaways include.

The company's Chief Financial Officer stated that they do not see a place for microtransactions in their single-player games, though they do not rule out using them in future multiplayer projects. When asked if CD Projekt plans to raise the prices of their games due to increased development costs, Nielubowicz said it was still too early to say. The company is monitoring the market situation and retail prices for major games.

The Witcher 4Image: steamcommunity.comCD Projekt is not considering a strategy of releasing their games first on consoles and then porting to PC later. The next game in The Witcher trilogy has around 400 in-house developers and 50 outsourced staff. The target headcount for the project is expected to be slightly higher.

CD Projekt is not ready to share when marketing for the new Witcher will begin, as the element of surprise is important in their marketing campaigns.

When asked if the next Witcher will be an evolution or revolution compared to the previous game, the leadership said CD Projekt aims to bring something completely new and fresh with each of their titles, and this approach will not change.

Regarding The Witcher remake being developed by Fool's Theory, it is still in the early conceptual stage. The game from The Molasses Flood studio has less than 40 people working on it and is in early pre-production.

One investor jokingly asked if CD Projekt plans to start making "AAAA" games like Ubisoft, to which the VP of Investor Relations quipped that "our games will be AAAAA".

Main image: Ensiplay