Capcom, the Street Fighter 6 developer and publisher, regularly releases fighting passes which are connected to different themes. In April, the fighting pass will be connected to another Capcom franchise, Monster Hunter, which celebrates its twentieth anniversary.

As usual, among the obtainable items are stickers, titles, and music tracks. Also, Rathalos Armor will be available as the Avatar Gear. The Battle Hub will be decorated with some Monster Hunter elements, including a huge dragon statue that will attract many players to switch to Photo Mode near it. 

This is not the first collaboration in Street Fighter 6. Earlier, the fighting game had several other guest titles, including Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles and the anime Spy x Family.

It is worth noting that not everyone in the community approves of what Capcom is doing because Battle Hub and avatars are only a part of the game, and these players want more playable characters and their costumes. Currently, only three DLC characters have been added since the game's release.

Main image: Capcom