Street Fighter continues to be one of the most popular fighting game franchises in the world, and Street Fighter 6 has been a success as well. Hundreds of thousands of people keep playing this game, but which country is the leader?

Twitter user CatCammy6 collects different stats regarding Street Fighter 6, and they made a list of countries with the most Master-tier players as well as countries where the percentage of Master-tier players compared to all players is the highest.

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It may seem unsurprising, but Japan is a leader in both of these categories. This Asian country has a long history of arcade games and fighting games genre. According to CatCammy6, there are almost half a million Japanese players, and almost every sixth has at least one Master character. Also, Japan has almost the same number of master-tier players as the other world combined!

The Dominican Republic might not have the biggest player base, but these players are also skilled. Much of the influence might be attributed to MenaRD, a two-time Capcom Cup champion. Interestingly, South America loves playing Street Fighter 6 as well: in the top-6, we have Argentina, Chile and Brazil.

What makes us happy is that countries across the globe are presented. Street Fighter 6 is truly a worldwide hit!

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