To commemorate the 20-year milestone of the beloved Far Cry franchise, Ubisoft has collaborated with Antheum Spirits to release a special limited-edition spiced rum called Gallito Supremo. This exclusive partnership is now available for pre-order.

Far Cry Gallito Supremo х Antheum SpiritsImage: lovescotch.comThe Gallito Supremo x Antheum Spirits rum retails for $79.99 and is expected to resonate with the game's dedicated fan base. This is not the first time Ubisoft has ventured into the world of alcohol collaborations, recognizing the maturing of its player base over the years. The Gallito Supremo x Antheum Spirits collaboration is just one example of how Ubisoft is adapting to its evolving audience and finding new ways to celebrate its iconic franchises. 

In the past, the studio has released various branded alcohol products across its popular titles, including Assassin's Creed-themed vodka, whiskey, and bourbon.

The Far Cry series is one of Ubisoft's key franchises, consistently generating revenue for the company since the release of the first game in 2004. Since then, the series has spawned numerous sequels and spin-offs, each offering a unique setting and location, but maintaining the core gameplay and essence that defines the Far Cry experience.

Main image: Ensiplay