Sometimes, all people need changes in their lives. Even if you're a legend in the industry who has worked successfully in one company for a long period of time. What we know is that future Persona games will be different since the main character designer left the company.

Kazuma Kaneko actually left Atlus back in 2023, but it only became publicly known in April 2024. The developer departed after 35 years of service. Since 1988, he has had a hand in many games, including key parts of Shin Megami Tensei and Persona series. Among other roles, he handled character, demon, and persona design.

The artist moved to the company COLOPL, specializing in mobile games. Currently, Kaneko is working on an unannounced project for a new franchise. Details about the title are being kept secret. However, his colleagues noted that the designer's worldview will underpin the IP.

Kaneko himself mentioned he plans to utilize all the experience gained throughout his career, including the unsuccessful, in the production process. Considering he is good at creating IP from scratch, that might be the challenge he needs. We can only wish good luck and hope to see new art from the maestro!

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