For quite some time, Sea of Thieves has been gathering tens of thousands of players who wanted to go on a pirate adventure. Now, PS5 players can join the party, as the game was just released for the Sony platform.

Although the game was released more than six years ago, Sea of Thieves keeps being updated. Together with the PS5 launch, Sea of Thieves kicked off its 12th season. The update added a double-barrel pistol, throwing knives, and the ability to summon skeletons to the action-adventure game. Among other notable innovations are rope-like harpoon lines, zip lines, another type of naval battle, and over a hundred unique rewards.

The game by Rare became the fourth Microsoft exclusive to appear on another console. Previously, such games as Pentiment, Hi-Fi RUSH, and Grounded were ported to PlayStation.

On Metacritic, the pirate-themed action-adventure game holds a score of 69 out of 100 among critics, while on Steam, it has garnered 90% positive recommendations from more than 270,000 store reviews.

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