V Rising has exited early access, where it had been since May 17, 2022. The vampire survival simulator is currently only available on PC, but it will also be released on PlayStation 5 in the future. Until May 22, 2024, the game can be purchased on Steam with a 10% discount for $31.49 instead of $35. V Rising has been highly rated by gamers: it currently has 88% positive reviews based on over 70,000 reviews. 

One day before the full release, reviews of the action game from journalists were published online. The average score of the game on Metacritic is currently 85 out of 100. Many noted that early access benefited V Rising. According to a PC Gamer employee, thanks to improvements and a large amount of new content, it has become "fantastic".

The pros and cons of the vampire survival simulator were also discussed by reviewers. They praised the boss design and challenging battles, while criticizing the formulaic survival mechanics. 

With the release, V Rising updated old locations and added several new ones. The game also got more enemies and caravans appeared. The developers also improved lighting, added three difficulty levels, and new weapons.

In V Rising, gamers will play as awakened vampires who need to build a castle and hunt for victims for their blood. Users will be able to explore a dangerous open world, gather resources, level up their characters, and fight aggressive opponents while competing or cooperating with other players.

Main image: Ensiplay