Stunlock Studios has unveiled a gameplay video highlighting V Rising's imminent departure from early access. In the 1.0 update, players will explore a new location and battle powerful foes. They will have the opportunity to investigate Count Dracula's ruined castle and test their mettle against its master. Dracula still sits upon his throne, displeased with the unwelcome visitors.

Upcoming updates will introduce Simon Belmont from Castlevania to V Rising. The character will become another boss in the game, and players who defeat him will receive a special weapon a whip. In April, the developers announced that V Rising had sold 4 million copies. V Rising will leave early access on May 8th, 2024, and will also be released on PlayStation 5 later this year.

V RisingImage: youtube.comV Rising is a survival game with RPG elements developed by Stunlock Studios. Players assume the role of a vampire who awakens from slumber and must regain their strength. They need to construct their own castle, hunt humans, and battle supernatural beings. The game entered early access in May 2022 and quickly gained popularity, selling over 4 million copies.

Main image: Ensiplay