In Genshin Impact, the lore is incredibly rich, with all characters intertwined with each other. Keqing and Ganyu are colleagues, while the Archons rule over the regions. Players are even aware of future characters who haven't appeared in the story yet but have been hinted at in trailers, game dialogues, and other teasers from the developers. HoYoverse released a trailer featuring the Fatui agents, where the community first encountered Arlecchino, who quickly became a favorite for many.

Genshin ImpactImage: A Winter Night's Lazzo 

Fans are eagerly anticipating when this authoritative woman will make her appearance in Genshin Impact. The Fatui are the most mysterious and powerful organization, prompting players to theorize about what Arlecchino will be like. Here's what they expect:

  • Arlecchino must definitely become a playable character, like Tartaglia and the Wanderer.
  • By design, the Pyro element suits her best.
  • Players want Arlecchino to wield a scythe, but since that weapon type doesn't exist in the game, a spear would be the next best fit.

Fans have been interested in her personality, backstory, and motivations ever since she was featured in the "A Winter Night's Lazzo" trailer. In Fontaine, players met Arlecchino's close companions Lin, Linette, and Fremine.

Main image by Ensiplay