HoYoverse is doing well, setting a new revenue record in February with $175,300,000. A Reddit user posted an infographic comparing the earnings from the games' banners. According to statistics, the total income from mobile devices in China exceeded $175 million. There's no doubt that the company is the most profitable in the mobile gaming market.

HoYoverseImage: Reddit

🌎 Markets: a significant portion of the income comes from mobile devices in China. Genshin Impact accounts for about 60% of sales, and the new game, less than a year old, Honkai: Star Rail, accounts for over 50%. However, it's worth noting that both games are popular in other countries as well. Revenue from other platforms: PC and PlayStation is not included in these calculations. Mobile purchases share part of the profit with markets, but money from computers reaches the developers much more.

Honkai Star RailImage: Honkai: Star Rail 

📈 Revenues: February was successful for Genshin Impact due to the traditional patch in honor of the Lunar New Year. During this time, the game hosts the Origin of the Lanterns event. Players receive free rewards, and new heroes appear. In Honkai: Star Rail, banners featuring Black Swan and Dan Heng Imbibitor Lunae were released at the same time. Previously, the company brought back old players and attracted new ones by giving away the legendary character Ratio for free.

Main image by Ensiplay