On March 12, the cooperative horror game Dead by Daylight will feature the new chapter All Things Wicked. Fans eagerly anticipate each chapter because it brings a lot of new content and unique features not previously available. This time, the update promises to be truly interesting, giving players a reason to return to the game.

Players will have access to a new map, Greenville Square, featuring a large cinema and an arcade hall. The location is designed to be complex, dark, and frightening, sure to delight those who enjoy a nerve-wracking experience.

Dead by DaylightImage credit: deadbydaylight.com

The update also introduces a new killer. Unknown is so incomprehensible that it doesn't even have a name. This eerie, unnatural creature will pose a real challenge even for experienced players. Unknown's special ability involves using a toxin that induces hallucinations. Victims see copies of the monster, and Unknown can teleport to any of its hallucinations.

Additionally, a new survivor, Sable Ward, will be introduced. The girl has a unique gothic appearance, and she is likely somehow connected to witchcraft. This is hinted at by the new witchcraft mechanic that will be introduced in the game. Survivors will be able to perform rituals in basements to make their survival easier.

Main image by ensiplay