No Man's Sky has already released more than 25 free updates. Hello Games has demonstrated to the entire industry how to effectively address mistakes, earning an almost impeccable reputation among players. Once heavily criticized, No Man's Sky has transformed into a phenomenon and over time has become one of the best and most high-quality space adventure games.

The developers haven’t rested on their laurels and have brought us the new major update OMEGA, aimed at attracting even more players. Its main feature is the namesake expedition, which is different from the previous ones.

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New players will go through the entire process of becoming acquainted with the game, gradually learning and earning rewards. Moreover, No Man's Sky can be tried by everyone absolutely free of charge. This offer lasts until February 19th.

From this point on, expeditions have reached a new level, so even veterans should give it a try. In OMEGA, players can seamlessly switch between the main game and the expedition without losing loot and equipment! The reward for completion is a unique and cool ship.

Additionally, the main game also sees interesting changes. The Atlas path has been updated, and now players can fully side with it. You can speak to Atlas, worship it, and receive rewards for it. For example, you can receive a unique helmet and jetpack.

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The developers have also taken player feedback into account and added more activities. Now, procedurally generated missions from beings have appeared on planets. They will vary depending on the climate, type of planet, and race of the being.

A pirate dreadnought has been added to the game, which can be captured by boarding it. All this seems like a preparation for a more extensive boarding mechanics.

The developers have promised to release several more major updates this year.

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