Fans of unwinding after a hard day's work with simulation games, ConcernedApe has some good news for you. The farming, romance, and fishing simulator Stardew Valley now features a new starting area called meadowlands farm. To play on it, you'll need to start a new save file and select it from the list in the character creator. What makes this location unique is its focus on animal husbandry. 

Previous versions of the game didn't have a similar starting point, and it's tough to grind your way up to animal buildings on your own.

Stardew Valley meadowlands farmImage: EnsiplayHere's what you can expect when playing on meadowlands farm:

  • Blue grass will grow across the entire location, which cows, chickens, and other animals love to eat.
  • Less space for creating garden beds, more for animal enclosures.
  • To the left of the farm, there's a chicken coop with two chicks that grow up in a couple of days and start laying eggs.
  • Right from the start, players are gifted hay to feed the chicks on rainy days without spending money.

If you're looking for a large farm focused on animal husbandry, with a side of blackjack and blue chickens, then take a closer look at meadowlands farm. All the other farm types are still available to choose from, but you can't change your old farm type to the new one.

Main image: Ensiplay