Stardew Valley creator Eric Barone has admitted that the development of the 1.6 update took longer than he had anticipated. But now, the developer is ready to share the release date of the update, with one small caveat. This date is only relevant for PC users. Thus, players can expect the update to their favorite game on March 19th.

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Other gamers, don't be too disappointed, as the update for consoles and mobile phones will be released later. The developer also remembered the eighth anniversary of Stardew Valley, thanked the community for its support, and revealed the updated sales figures for his creation — the game has been purchased over 30 million times.

The 1.6 update will include three festivals, an additional farm type, new dialogues, and secrets. The game will feature even more content for higher levels, outfits, and items. Moreover, the multiplayer mode will now support up to 8 players.

Initially, version 1.6 was aimed solely at improving modding. However, over time, it expanded to include additional features such as another festival, dozens of lines of dialogue, content for later stages of the game, and so on. Detailed patch notes will be available on the release day.

There are so many changes in the update that Eric Barone has recommended starting a new playthrough. However, players are not prohibited from continuing on an existing save.

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