Update 1.6 for the popular farming game Stardew Valley has finally been released, but for now, the joy is only available to PC and phone users. The game's developer, known by the pseudonym ConcernedApe, confirmed on his X that patch 1.6 will only appear on computers for the time being. At the time of writing this news, patch 1.6 is not available for consoles, and the release date is unknown.

Players on Nintendo Switch, waiting for the opportunity to transfer their saves and enjoy the new content, will have to wait a little longer. However, there is good news: update 1.6 will soon be available on Xbox Game Pass, promising new opportunities for service subscribers.

Stardew Valley is not just a game: it's a whole world where everyone can become a farmer, explorer, fisherman, or even an adventurer. Since its release, the game has won the hearts of millions thanks to its unique style, deep gameplay, and constantly updated content. 

Patch 1.6 includes many fixes and innovations. For example, the ability to drink mayonnaise, build a farm on a new plot, have many cats and dogs, villagers change into winter clothes, and much more.

Main image: Ensiplay