On March 19th, a major 1.6 update for the legendary farm simulator Stardew Valley will be released. Since March 11th, the developer ConcernedApe has been sharing small spoilers about the update every day. Here are the most interesting ones:

  • You can drink mayonnaise. Before patch 1.6, players could only sell the product or use it in cooking.
  • A new type of farm focused on animal husbandry will appear. The plot has special chewing grass for animals, and at the start, there is a chicken coop and chicks. 
  • Bottles of wine, jam, juices, and snacks will be colored depending on the ingredients used. 
  • After getting engaged to your character, the husband or wife will not fall into depression and lie in bed. For 7 days after the wedding, they will be cheerful. 

Stardew ValleyImage: EnsiplayStardew Valley is a popular indie farming life simulator with RPG elements, developed by one person, Eric Barone. The premise is simple but familiar to many. The main character is tired of the daily grind and meaningless office work, so they decide to move to the countryside. They remember their grandfather's letter, in which he bequeaths them a farm in a small village. The player restores the estate, grows crops, and raises animals. You can catch fish, flirt with local residents, and descend into the mine for treasures.

Main image: Ensiplay and DALL·E 3