The current record for the fastest mayonnaise preparation in Stardew Valley belongs to a player with the nickname Trianthania, who accomplished the feat in a mere 9 minutes and 22 seconds. To complete all the conditions as swiftly as possible, one must choose a new Riverland Farm, as it comes equipped with a chicken coop and two chicks from the outset, and players receive 15 hay bales as a gift to feed their pets. The bed is placed closest to the entrance to minimize time spent traversing the house.

The game's developer, Eric Barone, has yet to comment on this newfound player obsession, and the mayonnaise-related patch spoiler was published without any remarks. The mayonnaise run is not the first instance of Stardew Valley fans devising unusual challenges and goals within the game. The community has amassed numerous amusing trials, such as quickly getting married, completing all bundles, or earning maximum heart levels with all eligible bachelors and bachelorettes within the first in-game year.

Main image: Ensiplay