The game with a story about a small village was released in 2016. At that time, players could only dream of the success that caught up with Stardew Valley 7 years after its release. The recently released patch 1.6 attracted a record number of players on Steam, beating the historical online maximum 146 159 simultaneously playing users. The game immediately entered the top 10 chart in 24 hours, taking 8th place, ahead of GTA 5.

Stardew Valley SteamImage: steamdbStardew Valley's success does not wane even years after its release. The developer continues to support the game by releasing free updates with new content. Patch 1.6, released on March 19, 2024, added a desert festival, fishing competitions, new crafting, and food recipes to the game. The textures of the residents' houses before the holidays were reworked, and players were even allowed to write mayonnaise. 

The creator does not like sauces, so this option was not available before, but after listening to the players, it appeared a few years later.

In addition to the redrawn textures, more winter colors were added to the game: night falls earlier, and all NPCs change into winter clothes. By starting a new playthrough, you can choose the type of farm for livestock breeders, watch the redesigned intro of arriving in the city, and immediately encounter some new dialogues from the residents, with more than 100 of them added.

Main image: Ensiplay