Hazelight Studios, renowned for their hit game It Takes Two, is building excitement among players with the promise of a new game announcement later this year. November marks the 10th anniversary of Josef Fares' studio, making it a likely timeframe for unveiling their next project. The story of Hazelight began in 2014, inspired by the success of Brothers: A Tale of Two Sons

This touching game, created by Josef Fares and his team under the wing of 505 Games, captivated both players and critics, earning the prestigious BAFTA award. This success fueled Fares' desire to establish his own studio where he could continue to bring his unique visions to life in the form of video games.

Hazelight Studios quickly established itself as a developer of innovative cooperative games. A Way Out, their debut project, offered a thrilling cinematic experience that could only be played with a partner. It Takes Two, released in 2021, raised the bar even higher, garnering numerous "Game of the Year" awards and becoming one of the most successful co-op titles in history.

Main image: Ensiplay