On May 6, the PC version of Hades II, the sequel to the roguelike adventures of Melinoë, was released in early access. Supergiant Games launched the game without prior announcement, although they initially planned to do so after completing technical testing.

A few days after this release, several indie developers expressed dissatisfaction with such an unexpected launch of the roguelike. According to them, Supergiant Games' game release without an announcement disrupted the plans of many lesser-known teams.

One of the authors of the horror game Crow Country, inspired by PS1-era games, joked that they deliberately chose a quiet week for their release. 

In his opinion, his game will go unnoticed due to the unexpected release of Hades II. The horror game is set to be released on May 9, and a day before the release, it received high ratings from the press — Game Informer gave it 8 out of 10 points.

The developer of Another Crab's Treasure expressed regret that many independent developers' projects might remain unnoticed. Some industry representatives even suggested avoiding unexpected releases in the future so as not to overshadow small teams. 

Business is unpredictable, and while the desire to lessen the amount of random factors is understandable, it won't be eliminated completely, for better or for worse

Main image: supergiantgames.com